Core Values – Specificity

Core Values – Specificity


This Sunday we have our 3rd Core Value of Specificity.  Probably the least common of all the 4 key terms.  That means some extra explanation of the concept.

I’m going to be preaching from 1 Peter 4, especially verse 10.  It’s a very nice summary of how God has given each of us a gift for the benefit of the others.  Holding that gift is a kind of stewardship.  We are holders of the gift and yet we’re intended not to merely hold it.  It is meant for the others.  I think of that scene in Lord of the Rings where Galadriel gives each of the members of the Fellowship a gift.  They’re not sure exactly what it means, but each of them knows it will be used in the journey at some key point to help the mission.

I’ll also be drawing out some examples of how this worked in some lesser-known OT characters (like Ehud and Jephthah).