About Us

Non-Denominational Church in Streetsboro, Ohio

Who are we?
We’re a non-denominational church in The Chapel family of churches located in Streetsboro, Ohio. Our roots go back to historic evangelical theology that takes the Bible to be the final rule for faith and practice. We are committed to worship as our first and highest end, and to the fellowship with each other as the body of Christ. When we worship and grow together like we were designed to do, we naturally become salt and light to the world, and a positive influence for the kingdom of God.
On Worship and Preaching…
What are we like in terms of worship and preaching?  Well, first we’re working to make those two crucial areas overlap.  It’s not unusual to include a song of worship in the middle of the sermon, or a challenge to worship in the middle of songs.  Musically, we have a simple acoustic style without a lot of instruments. Often we have just a piano and guitar or a few guitars or maybe a violin and a guitar.  Or a violin, two guitars and a synth.  You get the picture.  We’re not “band” driven, though we’re not offended by upbeat songs and celebration.  But we also make room for quiet songs of reflection and a good dose of the classic hymns.  You have to just visit to get the feel. As far as preaching goes, we believe in Biblical exposition and, with a few exceptions, go right through a book of the Bible at about a chapter a week.  We don’t usually do topical series, preferring to let the text choose the topic of the day.  We work hard to put each book in its historical context and to see the Bible as one big story instead of 143 separate stories.  We think that it’s better to preach shorter with focus than longer with shopping lists of points to remember.  A good sermon is closer to a story than a lecture.  Our services are about 60-70 minutes long.