Pastor Dave McClellan

My name is Dave McClellan and I’m the pastor. My wife Karen and I believe God prepared us for this big challenge and we love the job! After growing up in small churches (as a pastor’s kid), being on staff at The Chapel in Akron for 9 years, and then at our parent church; Riverwood for 4, I’ve been able to gain a really broad band of experience in church life.

I grew up in the Seattle area (before coffee was big), went to college at Grace College (B.A. Speech Communications) and Denver Seminary (M.Div). In 2009 I completed a Ph.D. at in Rhetoric and Communication from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Communication fascinates me, and I love to see it done creatively. I’ve been married to Karen for 38 years and we have 2 grown kids and 1 new grandson!.

I love preaching and teaching, Jeeps, backpacking, working around the house, and most everything outdoors. You can e-mail me at


We recognize Christ as the Head of the church and the Scriptures as our primary authority. Elders are men who fit the qualifications of eldership in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and who have earned the respect of the congregation over time. The elders, who serve in close connection with their spouses, are a vital part of the leadership at the Chapel at Tinkers Creek. Overall spiritual direction and vision come from the elder board.

Elder Board Members

Dave McClellan
Gary Pease

Governing Board

The Chapel at Tinkers Creek is governed by a Governing Board made up of seven members: 6 from the membership, plus the senior pastor. The Governing Board is comprised of both men and women and should represent the church body in terms of demographics, age, and location. Each year at least two of the six rotate off with an equal number of replacements rotating on. Those who have served longer will normally rotate off first so that the normal term is three years. See the Constitution for a full Description

Board Members

Erik Sundet
James Leggett
Jan Westerman
David McClellan
Amanda Overholt
Rob Brokaw