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Cinematheology in August

Yes, we’ll be doing our God & The Movies series starting August 9. Here’s the schedule:

  • 8/30- Theory of Everything
  • 9/6- Inside Out


Baptism Coming

On September 13th we’ll celebrate our Anniversary as a church with a picnic and baptism.  If you’d like to be baptized, now is the time to let Pastor Dave know.  This might apply to kids or adults.  There will be an orientation next week at 10am right here.

New Womens Book Study Starting

 A women's book study will begin on Sept. 14th at 7:00pm at Karen McClellan's house.  We will be using the book, Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Beginning September 28th, groups will meet in the church kitchen at 1:00pm or 7:00pm every other week through the end of November. If you wish to participate, now would be the time to order your book.

Backpacking Trip Sept. 25-27

 Next month we’ll sponsor a backpacking trip for anyone in the church who’s interested.  This is a beginner level trip, so you don’t need experience.  The cost is super cheap, consisting mainly of food and gas money and some basic supplies.  Sign up this week and talk to Rich 

This Week's Sermon

Today in the Word: Cinematheology Week 2: Maleficent

Today we peek into a mythical story of good and evil.  This contemporary rendering of the Sleeping Beauty story twists and complicates the original story.  Instead of characters who are either good or evil, we see the development of the complex character who is both

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Places to Serve at Tinkers Creek

If you’re new to our church and are looking for ways to plug in, start by attending an Adult Bible Fellowship during the 9am hour, or by serving others in the body with your gifts and experience. Areas that need your help…

  • Rock babies to sleep in the nursery
  • Children's Ministry 
  • Clean the church
  • Shake hands and collect offering as a greeter/usher.
  • Drama Ministry
  • Worship Ministry
  • Mowing the church's lawn
  • Sign up to bring a snack
  • Provide a meal


Click here for Job Opportunities

ABFs @ 9:15 am

During our 9am hour we have two Adult Bible Fellowships that meet. SALT is for younger people (roughly up to 30 or so) who are in college or early in their careers. The other group, Seeking God’s Story, is in the more established stages of life. Either group is open to marrieds, singles, or married who come single. Both focus on informal discussion-oriented Bible study and application to real life.

Roof Project- Assistance Needed

 The cabin roof project is scheduled for Sept. 18th and 19th. There is a sign-up sheet on the information table. There are a variety of tasks to be done. You do not need to be up on the roof to help. When signing up, please mention the hours you can work and if child care is needed.

Ink Cartridges

Recycled ink cartridge are used to offset the cost of printing the bulletins. Bring in your empty cartridges and place them in the container on the information table.

Sound Booth Staff Needed

 If you have experience running a sound board or would like to learn it, talk to Matt or BJ Miller.  We have need for another person or two to rotate into this position for once or twice a month.  

Youth Mission Trip July 8-12

Pray for our 4 leaders and 13 kids as they return today from their ministry trip to Rosedale, WV.