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Cinematheology is Coming in August

As we get ready for our month of movies, think about who you might invite over to your house to watch one together. This could be the first step toward being neighborly and building hospitality with those you may not know very well. It might feel a little odd, but that’s how it usually feels when you make the first move. After all, somebody has to go first. Why not you?

Summer Book Club

Ladies, are you in the mood for a little summer reading? Enjoy this book on your own and then meet for dinner and discussion. Mark your calendars!

Sun, August 13th - The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp - Dinner at 6:00 at Jane Myers' house.

Baptism Coming in September

On September 10th we’ll be offering a chance for kids and adults to be baptized. This is our 13th anniversary as a church with a picnic and celebration of baptism in the Oster’s pond. Parents, consider whether your kids are ready for this step of public demonstration of faith and begin a conversation about it.

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Today in the Word – Imitating God’s Love (Ephesians 5)

So everyone today wants to be original. But our text today tells us to be completely unoriginal. In fact, just copy. But copy what? Copy God’s love shown in Christ. Jesus surrendered his own will in order to sacrifice for us. We’re supposed to copy him. Just copy how he loved. Don’t copy how the world lives. HWJL (How Would Jesus Love?). So the love that we receive is supposed to show us how to pay it forward to others. We love, as a result of being loved.

Donate Online

If you wish to donate to the ministry at Tinkers Creek, click the button below. This is a secure transaction and will be processed the same way we receive donations in person.  As always, giving at Tinkers Creek is received anonymously so that it remains a matter between you and God.  We use an outside bookeeper to record giving so that no one inside the church knows what is given.


Places to Serve at Tinkers Creek

If you’re new to our church and are looking for ways to plug in, start by attending an Adult Bible Fellowship during the 9am hour, or by serving others in the body with your gifts and experience. Areas that need your help…

  • Rock babies to sleep in the nursery
  • Children's Ministry 
  • Clean the church
  • Shake hands and collect offering as a greeter/usher.
  • Drama Ministry
  • Worship Ministry
  • Mowing the church's lawn
  • Sign up to bring a snack
  • Provide a meal


Click here for Job Opportunities

ABFs @ 9:15 am

During our 9am hour we have two Adult Bible Fellowships that meet. SALT is for younger people (roughly up to 30 or so) who are in college or early in their careers. The other group, Seeking God’s Story, is in the more established stages of life. Either group is open to marrieds, singles, or married who come single. Both focus on informal discussion-oriented Bible study and application to real life.


…is now on break for the summer. Enjoy your summer.