Dave McClellan

Matthew 11

Ever have doubts about Jesus?  John did.  John the Baptist sends a scouting team to figure out if Jesus is the real deal.  Jesus’ response tells us a lot about what faith really is.

Matthew 10 and Psalm 27

PLEASE NOTE: If listening to this audio it only picked up Pastor Dave’s microphone. Recording still happened but will be silent when Pastor Dave isn’t talking. So you will hear the announcements, prayer, children’s message, and sermon with gaps in between.   Our 2 passages deal directly with fear.  Though the Matthew chapter is geared…

Matthew 9

This week I’ll be focusing on the story of the two blind men. Especially how Jesus asks them to keep a lid on everything. And then how they broadcast anyway.  This is a recurring theme in Matthew. So I want to dig into why Jesus didn’t want people to know and how that relates to faith….

Matthew 8

Just a few thoughts on Chapter 8.  Jesus seems to be disrupting every scenario he gets into.  There is a sort of “system” in place and he keeps upending the various parts of the system. The part I’ll focus on is the 2 disciples.  It strikes me that Jesus seems a little curt toward them….

Matthew 7

This week we conclude the Sermon on the Mount.  There is so much here that is practical and relevant to everyday living.  There is the part about asking for requests like a child (this is so well done in Paul Miller’s book that the women did earlier and men are doing now).   Miller basically…

Matthew 5

So we come to the Sermon of all sermons.  Kingdom living seems to value things we normally think of as “bad” (sorrow, failure, conflict, hunger, poverty, grief) are places where we find joy.   For everyone who wants to cross off God’s command, Jesus points out how it’s not cross-offable.  It’s heart, not behavior. I’m…

Matthew 4

We’re back in Matthew 4- the Temptation and the call of the first disciples.  I’m reminded of how much is in a given chapter, and how we must not feel pressure to cover every part of every chapter every week. But just so you know, I’m looking at the part of the temptations where Jesus…

Core Values – Continuity

So… our last week of Core Values.  I’m going to approach Continuity through the analogy of an island.  If you lived on an island with just your family and cut off from civilization, you could avoid a lot of the hassles of being in community.  You could set your own schedule, your own guidelines, your…