Matthew 19, Psalm 36

What is that one thing you’ve been striving for your whole life? That one thing you need to happen? That one resource you trust so much? Jesus asks us to let it all go… Can we?

Matthew 16, Psalm 33

Thank you for worshiping with us (at a distance) today! We’ll pray through Psalm 33, and the kids will learn how to understand God better through nature during Creation Station. SERMON THIS WEEK: In Matthew 16, Jesus challenges Peter to consider a hard truth about life. In his message today, Pastor Dave explains how we…

Psalm 32 and Matthew 15

Jesus confronts people who are scrupulous about holding to tradition, but sloppy about God’s higher values and commands. Instead of focusing on keeping clean on the outside, Jesus is concerned about cleaning the heart.

Matthew 10 and Psalm 27

PLEASE NOTE: If listening to this audio it only picked up Pastor Dave’s microphone. Recording still happened but will be silent when Pastor Dave isn’t talking. So you will hear the announcements, prayer, children’s message, and sermon with gaps in between.   Our 2 passages deal directly with fear.  Though the Matthew chapter is geared…

Psalm 110

The world is broken.  The original beauty and design is marred.  There is an underlying brokenness to everything.  This is something that God never loses sight of.  Though sometimes we do.  We get so used to a fallen world that it starts to feel normal.  Even death feels normal.  Death is certainly natural, but not…

Psalm 22 – God’s Presence in Times of Suffering

As we light our first Advent candle we remember how the prophets and Psalms predict Jesus’ coming hundreds of years in advance. Psalm 22 is a lament during suffering with a hopeful ending.  The suffering is physical, spiritual, and relational.  it is realistic both in its gritty realism and in its lavish praise.  I wonder…

Jesus in the OT: Psalm 8

As we prepare for Advent, we’ll be looking at some of the Psalms which preview Messiah’s coming.  Psalm 8 celebrates God’s creation, and also Jesus’ reign over all creation! Just a few thoughts from Psalm 8.  There’s the beauty of creation, and the dignity of humans created to rule the earth in God’s image.  But…