Psalm 4

Psalm 4


This Psalm calls us to be still.  But it seems that before we can be still, it also calls us to be upset.  That’s the “tremble” part.  The word suggests being so upset that we shake with either fear or anger, or maybe both.  Then there’s the meditation, then the being still.

I find it hard to be still. Even when I am still for a moment or two,  I find so many thoughts flooding in. Even thoughts like, “Am I still enough?  How am I doing at being still?  How long have I been still?”  All these thoughts are not being still.  So what is being still then?  Perhaps it’s something to do with being open and receptive.  Instead of sending anything God’s way, maybe it’s a posture of waiting and listening.  Or just resting in presence with no demands.  Not even the demand that we hear anything.

Just a pause from the energy that normally drives us to productivity.  Just rest, pure and simple.

Maybe think of times and places where you were able to fully rest and discuss what made it restful.