Psalm 22 – God’s Presence in Times of Suffering

Psalm 22 – God’s Presence in Times of Suffering


As we light our first Advent candle we remember how the prophets and Psalms predict Jesus’ coming hundreds of years in advance.

Psalm 22 is a lament during suffering with a hopeful ending.  The suffering is physical, spiritual, and relational.  it is realistic both in its gritty realism and in its lavish praise.  I wonder if there isn’t something in our worship that brings us hope in lament.  Instead of being an opposite, maybe the lament is actually the fuel for the worship.  Strong lament seems to fuel strong worship.  The circumstances haven’t changed, and yet something in the song turns to praise.  Sort of mysterious, but there’s something in there.

You probably recognize this as Jesus’ cry from the cross.  The references to the cross are striking.  With the first week of Advent here (prophecy), I’ll also tie in the prophetic sense to this Psalm.