Psalm 110

Psalm 110


The world is broken.  The original beauty and design is marred.  There is an underlying brokenness to everything.  This is something that God never loses sight of.  Though sometimes we do.  We get so used to a fallen world that it starts to feel normal.  Even death feels normal.  Death is certainly natural, but not normal.  God still sees his creation with redemptive, restorative eyes.  Back to Eden.

Today’s Psalm is about that ultimate victory over all enemies.  Even that last great enemy: death.  The Trinity has been incredibly patient over thousands of years while the world has groaned.  Every now and again God shares his vision for the end.  When Jesus has vanquished all the great enemies.  God cannot negotiate a truce with evil.  In the end it comes down to a last battle where the Lord is a Warrior.  Mighty in battle.  Until that time, God waits… and reminds us of the end of our story!  Jesus wins!