Matthew 10 and Psalm 27

Matthew 10 and Psalm 27

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PLEASE NOTE: If listening to this audio it only picked up Pastor Dave’s microphone. Recording still happened but will be silent when Pastor Dave isn’t talking. So you will hear the announcements, prayer, children’s message, and sermon with gaps in between.


Our 2 passages deal directly with fear.  Though the Matthew chapter is geared toward those at risk because of their faith, the section on not being afraid applies to every dangerous situation (every hair on your head is numbered).  Psalm 27 is particularly appropriate and I will actually spend more time there than in Matthew.  We have a good God who knows all and will preserve our ultimate safety.  Many times this means preserving our physical lives.  But his salvation goes on even when physical life is threatened or ends.  If we don’t have this hope, we’re basically just optimists who can only hope for this life alone.

It ends with waiting on the Lord.  That’s the idea of not being in control, but trusting still.  Good words for this week.