Matthew 8

Matthew 8


Just a few thoughts on Chapter 8.  Jesus seems to be disrupting every scenario he gets into.  There is a sort of “system” in place and he keeps upending the various parts of the system.

The part I’ll focus on is the 2 disciples.  It strikes me that Jesus seems a little curt toward them.  Maybe even rude?  I mean there they are offering to join his movement and he seems unimpressed.  I’m thinking their spirit must have been something like, “Ok, I’m ready to make this big sacrifice.”  And Jesus seems to sense something disingenuous.  Maybe they were thinking how noble it was that they were ready to fit Jesus into their busy lives.  And Jesus points them toward the better question.  Are they ready to fit into Jesus’ life?

So do we think ourselves noble for making the commitment to follow Him?  Seems it should be more about how lucky we are to be able to join Him.  Like the Pearl of Great Price or the Treasure in the Field (which will come up later in Matthew).