Matthew 4

Matthew 4


We’re back in Matthew 4- the Temptation and the call of the first disciples.  I’m reminded of how much is in a given chapter, and how we must not feel pressure to cover every part of every chapter every week.

But just so you know, I’m looking at the part of the temptations where Jesus is challenged to prove He’s the Son of God.  I think the voice of the enemy still whispers in our ears telling us to prove something that doesn’t need proved.  Or can’t be proved.  Prove we’re good enough, smart enough, strong enough, wise enough, pretty enough, etc. Prove that we’re lovable.  But if we really accept what God has said about His love for us, we don’t have to prove anything.  We can live with it when people don’t think we’re enough.  Oftentimes we’re not good enough or righteous enough anyway.  So what’s the big deal if somebody thinks poorly of us?  We have nothing to prove.

Jesus had just heard, at his baptism (Chapter 3), that he was (is) the Beloved Son.  So he didn’t take the bait to prove anything to Satan.  He knew who He was.  He could rest in that.  We are beloved sons and daughters.  We also have nothing to prove!