Jesus in the OT: Psalm 8

Jesus in the OT: Psalm 8


As we prepare for Advent, we’ll be looking at some of the Psalms which preview Messiah’s coming.  Psalm 8 celebrates God’s creation, and also Jesus’ reign over all creation!

Just a few thoughts from Psalm 8.  There’s the beauty of creation, and the dignity of humans created to rule the earth in God’s image.  But the greater meaning comes from how Hebrews 2 interprets this Psalm as a celebration of Jesus’ mission.  Ultimately all things are about Christ!  All things will be made right and reconciled through Christ!  All suffering will be redeemed!  It’s really about the Incarnation of Jesus in the flesh.  It’s all about Advent/Christmas good news!

Do you ever think about how the story ends? I don’t very much.  But Jesus wins ! We’ve been privileged to be told the end of the story before it happens!  That’s supposed to make a difference in our lives.  Yet Heb 2:8 points out the reality that we don’t see it yet.  It doesn’t look like Jesus is winning yet.  I love the honesty of that.  We just can’t see it yet.  It takes eyes of faith to look beyond today to our future redemption. But the outcome is not in doubt.