2 Corinthians 5

2 Corinthians 5


So chapter 5 is rich with so many themes.  It’s hard to know where to start.  Mortality.  Heaven.  Judgment.  Motives.  Redemption.  Reconciliation.  Forgiveness.

I’m going to focus on the area in the middle about One dying for All.  Then we no longer live “for ourselves.”  New creatures live for the One who died on their behalf.  We don’t see people from a fleshly point of view (what can this person do for me?).  Our goals should change.  We should want to be on God’s page in life (being reconciled to his way of seeing and forgiving the world).  Interestingly, it is the believers who are challenged to be reconciled to God.

So a good question might be… how would believers not be reconciled to God?  Is reconciliation the same as salvation, or is it something else?

See you tomorrow!  We’ll also be recognizing graduates and featuring Children’s Ministry at the beginning.