Outdoor Worship

You may have heard on Facebook that we’re restarting worship outside this Sunday, June 14th at 10:30 am. We’re very excited to see as many of you as possible and worship together!  See below for details, and reply with any questions.

1) Where will the service be?  On the hill in front of the cabin with the audience facing the main building.  At least to start, we’ll have designated socially-distant spots for you to sit. 
2)  Where do I park?  If you’re sitting on the lawn, you park in our regular area and walk up.  If you’re remaining in your car, we’ll have designated parking spots along the hill, behind the people on the lawn.
3) What do I need to bring?  Just yourself and enough lawn chairs/blanket space for your household.  Maybe sunglasses too.
4)  What about masks?  Because we’re outside, masks are optional.  
5) How will we hear?  We have borrowed a portable outdoor sound system that is loud enough to be heard, but not so loud as to disturb neighbors.
6) What about lyrics to the songs?  We’ll email a song sheet for you to print out and bring with you.   Or you can view it from your phone.  We’ll have a limited number of paper song sheets for those who forget, or whose email isn’t up-to-date.
7)  Will the main building be open?  It will be open for urgent restroom needs, but not just to hang out.  There won’t be any refreshments there, so bring your own coffee. If you use the restroom, wipe down surfaces when you leave.
8) How about offering?  To minimize contact, we encourage you to give as you have been giving.  There will be a designated basket if you’d like to drop something in, but it won’t be passed around. 
9) How long will the service be?  About an hour.
10) What about the playground area?  Kids are free to use the playground before and after service, but please not during worship. 
11)  What if it rains?  We will make a call on Friday night of each week and send out an email if we need to cancel for rain.  If we do cancel, we’ll revert back to our recorded online service for that week.  
12)  Is there any shade to sit in? While most of the hillside is sunny, there are shady spots at both edges.  
13)  What if I want to give someone a hug or handshake?  That’s understandable!  For the time being, we should override our natural impulse and hold off on physical contact.   Make sure young children are aware of this too. 
14) Is there any nursery or childcare?  Not at this point.  We will evaluate as we go.  

15) What about our Zoom classes? Sunday, June 14, the adult ABF will be meeting on Zoom at 3:00 pm for their weekly class. Creation Station and YBF will be on break while we are transitioning. We’ll evaluate on subsequent weeks whether to continue Zooming or to resume 9:15 classes outside.
16)  Will there be any way to watch remotely?  We’ll be livestreaming the outdoor service on Facebook for those who can’t be there in person. 

Hope to see you there!