Indoor Worship

We’ve had a great summer worshipping under the pines and God has taught us things we wouldn’t have learned any other way. But alas, winter’s return means it’s time to adapt. On October 18th we are resuming worship indoors. There will be two services in order to accommodate social distancing; one at 9:30 am and one at 10:45 am. A live stream of the 10:45 am service will happen each week from our Facebook page and website. The following precautions will be in place in our building as we move forward.

1) Distanced seating with 6 feet between households.
2) Required masks per state mandate.
3) Eighteen feet of plexiglass across the front row,
separating the platform from the seating area.
4) An atomizing (fogging) disinfectant will be used in between the services.
5) New MERV 13 (the highest health standard) furnace filters and maximum use out outside air for heating.
6) Touchless entry into bathrooms and sanctuary.
7) Soft singing only. More use of instrumental music.
8) No coffee or snacks.
9) No children’s classes (to start anyway).
10) 45-50 minute service
11) Nursery open for your use, but not staffed.