Youth Ministry

The youth program at Tinker’s Creek is designed for Jr High and High School aged students.   We  meet Sunday mornings at 9:15 am at the Youth Center for YBF (Youth Bible Fellowship), and Sunday nights from 4-6 pm.  This is a great time to build new friendships, strengthen old ones and grow in your relationship with Christ.

The youth ministry at The Chapel at Tinker’s Creek exists to support parents as they raise their children in the way they should go.

Sunday Morning

Youth Bible Fellowship
We meet at 9:15 am every Sunday morning in the Youth Center at Church. We begin each morning with a ‘calm’ activity, trivia or worship. Sunday morning is a more intense Bible study time as well. We will discuss more theological and doctrinal issues from a biblical standpoint. The Bible study is one focus of the morning and a majority of the time is spent on it, with a goal of going deeper into issues than the students have before. We’re also trying to piece together the puzzle of information from Bible stories and studies the students have heard when they were younger. Ultimately each student, when they have finished the YBF program, will have a cohesive idea of who God is and how He impacts their life.

Sunday Night YAC (Youth After Church)

It’s pronounced ‘yak’

We meet almost every Sunday afternoon at 4:00 at the Youth Center. This time is more casual and laid back than YBF’s, which allows for more flexibility to discuss current issues. This time is used sometimes for fun and sometimes for service-oriented projects. It gives the students a chance to build relationships with each other as well as serving the church and the local community.